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How to Be A Powerful Yogi by Building Your Own Solid Yoga Practice

Like many other practices, yoga is a path permeated with milestones for the aspiring yogi. Naturally, these milestones present challenges that take time, energy, and dedication to conquer. One of these many milestones is building your own practice.

Consider building your own practice as a rite of passage. From religiously attending classes led by yoga teachers, you carve your path as an independent yogi who can move freely on your own. Building your own practice can immensely fine-tune many aspects, such as:

  • Finding your own pace and rhythm

  • Freely exploring techniques and poses

  • Listening and responding to your body

  • Formulating unique sequences

  • Enhancing your sense of spirituality

Self-practice prepares you to teach yoga Because self-practice offers an opportunity to be a teacher to yourself first, you gain a deeper understanding of yoga and arm yourself with a stronger skill set. Building your own practice as well as training under reputable mentors for many years will prepare you to be a qualified yoga teacher.

So, how do you start building your own practice?

There are many, many ways to go about building your own practice, which is why it can be confusing to pinpoint where to begin. But for a start, here are some steps you can take:

Build a yoga library. There is a wealth of terminology and techniques in yoga. The more equipped you are with knowledge about it, the stronger your understanding is. Collect relevant yoga videos and some go-to books and manuals on a good variety of topics, such as yoga poses and styles, the human anatomy, and meditation.

Keep a journal. The purpose of self-practice is to deepen your relationship with your mind and body. Jot down your thoughts and discoveries in a journal. Revisiting these entries later on will help you redefine your own practice and keep track of your overall progress.

Find an empathetic teacher. Self-practice doesn’t necessarily mean you have to work on it alone. No man is an island, and to gain independence as a practitioner, you need a support system, too. An empathetic yoga teacher who you can ask questions can be very valuable for this.

Better yet, enrol in a course that helps you succeed in self-practice

If you are overwhelmed with learning fundamentals on your own, look to our course, Foundation to Build Your Own Practice, to get started with the art of self-practice. It packs all of the essential steps mentioned above and more.

It is a course especially designed for yogis to learn the foundational principles of yoga and apply it to their own practice. In the span of six weeks, you will be mastering the building blocks that make up yoga: poses and alignment, breathing techniques, yoga styles, meditation, and philosophy, among many.

What’s in it for you?

This course packs all of the essentials to establishing your own practice with a clear road map, including:

  • Easily access all knowledge and information you need about yoga

  • Get full support from an experienced yoga teacher, who is available to answer all your questions and readily address points of improvement for you

  • Gain confidence to adapt what you learn to your needs, thus building a unique practice of your own

  • Set your practice up for success by defining ways to make it consistent and fulfilling

Our first masterclass starts on November 15. Save your spot today and set yourself on the path to successful self-practice!

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