Yoga at Work

As we prepare to launch our corporate yoga programmes both in our studios and at offices around the emirate, we look at the benefits and need for workplace wellbeing in Dubai, where long working hours, days spent sitting at desks and attached to technology 24/7, are taking their toll on our population’s health. Inactivity and stress are two of the world’s biggest health challenges today, responsible for chronic diseases from suppressed immunity, to heart conditions, obesity and back pain. We at Yoga House know only too well the effects of long days at the office, stuck to your desk. Our founders, Ziyad and Nasab, continue to work in the corporate world whilst also pursuing their passion in t

GRE : Gravity Resistance Exercise

As our studio and team grows, we are excited to be launching our latest concept to add to our ever expanding schedule. This exciting new resistance training programme will be a mix of strength, mobility and stability training which will have you working your whole body while getting fitter in the process. Our yoga teacher Karthik has developed the new concept, Gravity Resistance Exercise (GRE), where you will be using dumbbells and body weight as your tools to a stronger, more functional YOU. Blending strength and mobility, the class is the perfect complement to a regular yoga practice, giving you more strength to hold the poses for longer, while developing your flexibility and mobility to h

How to make Yoga a habit

In conversation with Danielle Bailey, lead instructor at Yoga House. For many people, yoga can seem intimidating. With beautiful images of yoga postures all over social media today, it can seem daunting and can even misrepresent the true practice of yoga, the physical aspect of which is just one small part. The most common reason people say for not coming to yoga, is that they are not flexible enough, but on the contrary, there is a yoga practice for every-BODY. So we spoke to one of our lead teachers, Danielle Bailey, a Hatha practitioner of 16 years and teacher of nine, about how you can take some simple steps to make yoga a part of your life. Learn the fundamentals: Take a class that’s de

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