Mums and Bubs – Kids Club at the Hilton Hotel!

If you’re a mum then you know how hard it can be to squeeze in some ‘time to exercise’ and we are so happy to share with you the perfect solution. Yoga House has recently opened its newest branch at the Hilton Hotel in Al Habtour City. As part of the great facilities we have at our disposal is the Kids club. Get your much needed dose of exercise with one of our signature yoga classes, visit the Elixir spa for some relaxing R&R time, chill in the soothing sauna and indulge in free valet parking. And what’s best about this day is that you can bring your kids along and drop them off at the complimentary Kids Club. What better day to spend then day!

Lower Back Pain & How Pilates Can Help!

Let's face it at some stage we have all experienced a little lower back pain, whether from lifting something too heavy or a long day sitting at the office. Pilates is the perfect tool for aiding in lower back pathology and helping to eliminate persistent pain. How? Well our bodies are made up of lots and lots of muscles, some are very small and live deeper in our bodies – these muscle groups are commonly known as postural muscles and or local stabilizers. We also have much larger muscle groups, which help us move and lift heavy objects; these muscles are called global mobilisers as they move large parts of our bodies across several joints.have The beauty of Mat Pilates is that we start stren

Can Yoga help with weight Loss?

When we think of starting yoga, we associate it with stretching, relaxation and breathing and in some instances getting stronger. Rarely do we think that a regular practice of yoga could actually help with weight loss. When we think of losing weight we might think of running, lots of cardio and for some people High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and resistance training. The general consensus amongst dietitians is that, weight loss occurs when a person's calorie intake is less than their caloric expenditure. And yes it is true that for most people the path to weight-loss requires people to change their energy intake either by eating healthier and less calorie dense foods in addition to a

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