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Lower Back Pain & How Pilates Can Help!

Let's face it at some stage we have all experienced a little lower back pain, whether from lifting something too heavy or a long day sitting at the office.

Pilates is the perfect tool for aiding in lower back pathology and helping to eliminate persistent pain. How?

Well our bodies are made up of lots and lots of muscles, some are very small and live deeper in our bodies – these muscle groups are commonly known as postural muscles and or local stabilizers.

We also have much larger muscle groups, which help us move and lift heavy objects; these muscles are called global mobilisers as they move large parts of our bodies across several joints.have

The beauty of Mat Pilates is that we start strengthening the smallest postural muscles first. Through the proper engagement and simple exercises that make up the Pilates repertoire we are able to bring strength to these areas. Let us give you an example, most people with lower back pain tends to have, either weak abdominal muscles and or lower back muscles and sometimes tight hips or some sort of combination of the three.

A key element in helping reduce the severity of lower back pain or eliminating it completely is to start strengthening the key postural muscles that support the core. This includes the abdominal muscles and the lower back muscles. The difference is that Mat Pilates uses only weight bearing exercises that tend to be endurance based.

This allows us to strengthen the little muscles first. Once these muscle groups are engaging properly then and only then can we start strengthening the more superficial larger muscle groups.

It is this key element that makes Pilates so effective in reducing back pain as we start from the inside out rather than the outside in, which is common amongst other fitness methodologies.

Come and try our Pilates Classes at the Hilton Studio in Al Habtour City and get rid of your lower back pain.

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