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yin yoga & myofascial release



​In the classes we will be using the RAD tools that have been anatomically designed to be used over the entire body. The class will begin with SMR techniques using the RAD recovery rounds, RAD rounds and /or the RAD roller followed by a yin yoga sequence to allow the connective tissues to breathe and expand in the stillness of the postures without any force, highlighting the inner experience, ending with savasana. Each week we will adapt the class sequence so that over time we will have worked on our entire bodies and over time notice the benefits.


Self Myofascial Release (SMR) Benefits:

  • Increase blood flow and reduce inflammation 

  • Improve muscular range of motion

  • Reduce muscle soreness 

  • Promote quicker recovery

  • Increase heart rate variability, indicating dominance of the parasympathetic nervous system, which promotes recovery, relaxation, sleep and digestion

  • Mentally prepares you to move and perform

  • Reduces arterial stiffness, which is conducive to cardiovascular well being

  • Connects you to your body and helps to destress



Appropriate for all levels. 

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