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Breathe & Meditate

a journey through the koshas



We often hear that yoga aims to unite the mind and body, but what about bringing into harmony our body, breath, mind, wisdom and spirit, to get a glimpse of our true self? In this interactive workshop you will discover the five ‘layers’ or ‘sheaths’ called Koshas that make up our being to create a truly immersive yoga experience.  

According to traditional yogic philosophy each Kosha is contained within the next and can be experienced as different levels of consciousness, from the gross or physical to the subtle. Diving into each of the koshas can help to bring new meaning and depth to your practice, taking it well beyond the physical.   Join me on a journey into the true essence of yoga and leave with a deeper understanding of yourself and this ancient philosophy.

Suitable For:  Anyone interested in learning more about themselves and yogic philosophy.


Workshop Content: 

  • Understand the kosha model, where it comes from and how it is used

  • Explore each kosha with specific exercises including yoga poses, mudras, meditations and breath techniques to experience is of the layers in turn.

  • Improve your overall yoga experience and embody the true meaning of body, mind and spirit connection


Timing : Saturday, 6th March at 11:00am (120 min)

Joining Fee: Single Pass 175 aed, 150 aed if you buy the 5 Workshops Pass (valid for 6 months).

Venue: Yoga House in Intercontinental Dubai Marina

*Note that the workshop will go ahead with a minimum of 4 persons. 



About the instructor: elaine kelly

Elaine has been teaching group exercise in the health and fitness industry since her early 20s.  As a long-time resident of Dubai and mother of two grown sons, she ended a 15-year career in Real Estate/Facilities management in 2016, to teach full time. 

A long time student of Iyengar yoga, Elaine completed her first 200 hour yoga flow certification in 2010 and soon after created the largest wellness festival in the region,  Yogafest Dubai, which brings thousands of people together to support great causes in the beautiful grounds of Dubai Internet city. 


Further studies in yoga therapy, yin yoga, pranayama, prenatal yoga and Mindful based stress reduction (MBSR) led to teaching more private clients with special needs along with group classes.  A passion for plant powered eating led her to create a Vegan Yoginis group on Facebook which combines yoga with plant-based cooking in small groups. 

In 2020 Elaine qualified as a Pilates Mat Teacher with Body Hack and specialises in Neuro Pilates.  She continues to work as Charity Director for Gulf4Good and offers workshops and retreats in stunning locations around the world. 

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