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Breathe & Meditate

Restorative Yoga 



Restorative yoga uses yoga props (bolster and blankets) to hold the body in calming yoga postures for extended periods of time to encourage a deep and restful state.  Experiencing deep relaxation regularly is essential for our bodies to be able to function at it’s peak performance. Our modern, over stimulated lives can make it changeling to shift our energy from active and performing to receiving and letting go.


In these sessions we will focus on the ‘receiving and letting go’ accepts of this practice. By relaxing deeply and consciously we allow tension to release, we allow our bodies to soften, and most importantly, we allow for a parasympathetic nervous system to come back online and for energy to flow freely.


This practice can be especially useful during times of extreme stress or sleeplessness.  If you feel that you can't relax or let go, this can be a beneficial practice to give your body much needed rest.


Restorative Yoga helps us feel the importance of true, deep relaxation to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.


This class is suitable for all levels of ability.

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