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Breathe & Meditate

MaNdala Art



Meditation has countless benefits, but in reality, for some of us it is hard to fully grasp its meaning and to start a Meditation practice. Many consider this practice to be truly difficult, so they give up even before they even start. So, if you are keen to Meditate but find it too difficult to sit in silence, and very quickly become restless, then you should definitely try Art Meditation.


In our age, mandalas don’t necessarily have a religious or ritual meaning, they rather support concentration and creativity whilst offering meditation and quiet reflection. The process allows you to come closer to yourself as not only does it having a calming effect on your nerves, but it also speaks to your soul. When you create and color a mandala, it is more than just painting an image. It is an inner journey where you can forget about your hectic daily life and become calmer and more balanced leaving behind you any preoccupations and concerns. Mandala's embody a living basic principle and are said to have a healing effect allowing mental blockages to be released. The meaning of the word Mandala originates from Sanskrit and means the equivalent of "circle". It’s a circle which is the center of everything. Mandalas represent the wholeness, the divine order or the center which we represent in our universe.


What to Expect?

In this workshop, you will learn the basics and techniques of drawing Mandalas. Then you will be guided to draw your own mandala that you will take home with you. Following the workshop Yasmine will hold a weekly Artful Meditation Session for those who attended the basics workshop.


Who is this Workshop for?

You do not need to be an artist to create a mandala. This workshop in open to everyone. No prior art experience or ‘art know how’ is required.


What do You need to bring with you for the workshop?

Your friends and yourself. All quality materials are supplied and included in the cost.


About the weekly Artful Meditation Sessions?


These sessions are only open to those who have attended the workshop and are familiar with the basics and techniques of drawing a Mandala. Yasmine will help you use art to access a meditative state, and therefore to ‘reconnect’ with yourself. She will be guiding students in personalizing their own Yoga Mats with their very own Mandalas over the course of the next 4 months. Joining these sessions are optional and at your own convenience.


Come and join Yasmine on this wonderful experience and draw your own mandala with your feelings and dreams and find your creative self on this meditative journey!


Timing: Saturday 13th July at 11:00am (120 minutes)

Venue: Yoga House in The Greens, Emaar Business Park

Joining Fee:

Workshop: 150 aed including art materials

Weekly meeting: 50 AED (Optional)



Workshop + 5 Artful Meditation Sessions: 375 aed (instead of 400 aed)

Workshop + 10 Artful Meditation Sessions:550 aed (instead of 650 aed)




Yasmine started her Yoga journey almost two years ago at Yoga house in The Greens. During one of the most difficult periods in her life she found great relief and comfort in this beautiful place and with regular yoga practice and supportive teachers she managed to keep strong and faithful. Today Yoga has become a very important part of her life and she is grateful to have the chance to be on her mat every day and practice with wonderful teachers.  


As an artist Yasmine lives Art as part of her everyday life and having the opportunity to combine Art and Yoga made her journey beautiful and more important. She started to draw her own personal mandalas, a deeply meditative process that allowed her access to her deepest self which in turn helped fuel her creativity.

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