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Breathe & Meditate

empowered pregnancy partner  



This is a workshop where partners of pregnant women can join to connect as a family. No previous yoga experience is needed.

This workshop helps you to:

  • Discover the unique journey of pregnancy and birth as a family

  • Learn to trust the female body and its cues and to develop confidence in your intuition

  •  Learn how to best support your partner during birth.

  •  Connect and communicate (verbally and non-verbally) with your partner.

  • Release fears around birth and parenthood.



  • Deep relaxation and meditation.

  • Partner Yoga Sequence.

  • Pranayama for pregnancy and birth.

  • Birthing positions.

  • Hormonal matrix of labour & birth

  • Couple Communication exercise.

  • Fear Release Ritual.

  • The husband as birth advocate for the mother.

  • Primal deep vocalization.

  •  Visualization of dream birth.

Timing: Sunday, 13th March at 11:30am (150minutes)


Joining Fee: ​ 350 aed  per couple


Venue: Yoga House in The Greens.


*Please note that the workshop will go ahead with a minimum of 4 persons.

About the instructorS:

enrica andreetto

Enrica is passionate about the topic of pregnancy, labour and birth as the ultimate tool to improve our lives. In a world where women are disconnected from their bodies and where childbirth is often linked to trauma, taking time to explore, learn and center the conversation around our fears and dreams can help our birth choices come into focus and can help us raising the humanity of tomorrow.


Enrica is a 500hr certified yoga teacher and after the birth of her first nephew (ended in an emergency c-section) she started rising questions about how to help women reclaiming their right to a powerful and undisturbed passage into motherhood, which led her to become a prenatal/postnatal certified yoga teacher.


Houyem  is passionate about supporting women to feel confident and capable of making their own choices through fertility awareness, pregnancy, birth & motherhood, in order for them to manifest these transformative life experiences with joy, confidence and serenity.


Houyem is a doula, birth & fertility coach & childbirth educator

She completed her 300 hr teacher training followed by 85Hr Pre/postnatal teacher training and now offers private sessions to pregnant women, new mothers and women on their journey to conception.  

She is also a busy mom to a happy 7 year-old Zeyna and an 20 months old Waseem.

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