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Kriya YOGa



Himalayan Kriya Yoga Practice helps purify the body by clearing up energy blockages which in turn helps you align with your true self. 

You will be able to respond with more  clarity, purity, and compassion to everyday situations, and to move forward in life without social conditioning or old mental / emotional patterns holding you back.

In this unique practice, we will incorporate our breath, make mudras with our hands and  tap or hold the body in different ways.

During this 90-minute workshop, we will have an introduction where all the breathing techniques will be explained . A 60 minutes Himalayan Kriya Yoga practice followed by relaxation and time for Q&A.

It is advised to refrain from consuming foods 2 hours before the class. As we are breathing intensively and working on the chakras around the belly area it is preferred that the stomach is empty and we feel light.

Who is this workshop for?


Himalayan Kriya Yoga is a practice that needs to be experienced and welcomes all levels . No previous experience is needed, just an open mind and the willingness to explore!


 Timing : Sunday, 24th September at 4:00PM  (90 minutes)

Joining Fee: 150AED + VAT 

Venue: Yoga House in The Greens

*Note that the workshop will go ahead with a minimum of 4 persons.

About the instructor: LONNEKE HENDRIKSE

For Lonneke Hendrikse, as a former International Primary teacher, with a master in Pedagogy, her career shift into a fulltime yoga teacher went gentle but steady. She first started with a Kids Yoga certificate in 2017, followed by a 95 hr Kids yoga- and a 500 hr Hatha flow teacher training in 2019. From 2020 she has immersed herself in the Himalayan Kriya Yoga practice and has also become a facilitator giving classes and workshops.

From 2018 on she decided to make a career shift to fully focus on yoga. The need to share the benefits of yoga, to help people turn on the ‘feel good’ mode and to become the best version of themselves, for both children as adults became her purpose in life.
Lonneke has a warm, open personality that genuinely ‘sees’ people. On her path of inner growth, she discovered that to become our true self we need to let go of patterns of thought and action. Through her yoga classes the mind, soul and
body are all nourished and given a cleanse. Lonneke strives in her classes to integrate movement of the body with breath work to peel away layers we put on ourselves and to reconnect with the inner light that we are.

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