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Breathe & Meditate

energize to elevate



​Inhale... Exhale... & find your Zen! Join us for a blissful morning to rejuvenate your Mind, Body & Soul at the Intercontinental Dubai Marina Hotel.


We will start our morning with a Yin and Yang yoga class. This class blends two different styles of yoga into one practice, to help balance energy in the body and to calm the mind. During the beginning of this practice you can enjoy a vinyasa flow style yoga practice, where we will flow from one pose to another. Postures are combined by a series of sun salutations, downward facing dogs and planks. The flow movements in class will help you focus on particularly tight areas in the body, including your hips and hamstrings.


During the second part of the practice there will be an emphasis on Yin Yoga poses. In yin yoga the poses are practiced lying down or sitting on the floor. Each pose is held for a longer period of time – between three to five minutes per pose. The poses will allow the body to fully relax with the help of props to support you, so there is no tension in the body. This will allow the connective tissue around your muscles, tendons and ligaments to slowly release, thereby improving flexibility and circulation. This is a great class for you to connect the mind and body and will leave you feeling relaxed.

The session will be followed by Sound Healing meditation, it helps reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. It balances and clears the mind, and leads to a renewed sense of purpose, well-being, calm, and happiness.

Enjoy a healthy breakfast afterwards with a stunning view of the Marina. Want to take it easy for the rest of the day? Stay to rest, relax and soak up the sun with All Day Pool Access⁠



08:00 Yin & Yang Yoga

09:00 Sound Healing Meditation

09:45 Healthy Breakfast

10:30 Onwards Relaxation by the pool (optional)


Sunday, 14th May 2023


Intercontinental Dubai Marina Hotel


Bhupinder Dhand


248 AED (Yin & Yang Yoga + Sound Healing + Breakfast + All Day Pool access)

158 AED (Yin & Yang Yoga + Sound Healing + Breakfast)

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