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Ramadan kareem

Have you ever wondered what KAREEM means?! It means generous in Arabic. This holy month is all about giving and that is what we are planning to do!

Ramadan Unlimited pass


In celebration of the holy month, enjoy 1 month of unlimited classes for 788 AED only instead of 1,280 AED!*

* Offer not valid in conjunction with any other promotion. Pass will be activated on first visit. Pass to be activated within 30 days of the date of purchase.

Ramadan Giveaway


Ramadan is a lot about cultivating a real awareness of our bodily needs, reflection on our inner thoughts, quieting the noise to really listen and connect with our inner selves. In many ways, this is similar to yoga. And we are here to encourage you and accompany you on this journey!

Therefore, we will be offering a FREE CLASS* for every 5 classes you attend.


Don't forget to grab your card and collect the stamps at our receptions! 

* Terms & Conditions apply.

Ramadan New Class Timings


To better accommodate for your shorter working hours, we have adjusted our afternoon/evening class timings to start earlier. Make sure you check out the new schedules!

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