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myriam soliman


About the Instructor

Myriam is a forever yoga student, she has been a practicing practitioner for the past 8 years and is 700 Hour certified. She got introduced to yoga as she was recovering from a major car accident. Only then did she discover the healing magic of yoga, the physical, spiritual and emotional benefits. During a very challenging time of her life, Myriam felt most at ease while she was practicing, she practiced yin and restorative yoga during her recovery, her yoga practice kept her grounded and calm in times of stress and emotional trauma.  


Myriam teaches hatha, vinyasa, yin, restorative yoga, pranayama and meditation. Her focus is on proper and safe alignment and how yoga can be used by everyone to treat all kinds of ailments. Myriam hopes that yoga will be accessible to all, and help remove the misconception that yoga is only for the fit and healthy.


  • Gentle Flow

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