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Marta morlo


About the Instructor

 Marta is a RYT200  &  Unnata® Aerial Yoga  Teacher, registered with REPS UAE cat A&E, finding perfect balance between CrossFit & Yoga on daily basis.

Blending the multidisciplinary knowledge & experience collected over the world, through years of practice, into holistic approach exploration on & off the mat. Aiming to build widely understood awareness,  through meditation in movement, finding a connection between breath & motion, establishing functional base for daily life activities. 

Through the work with aerial silk allowing to experience traditional mat asanas from a different angle, looking for balance, stability and  spinal relieve; releasing tensions our bodies are taking day by day, helping to find alignment and rebuild.

Prioritizing neutral posture and conscious core activation is an effect of  the attempts to understand the art of body works through Personal Trainer Certification. 


  • Strong Vinyasa Flow

  • Slow Flow

  • Functional Vinyasa

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