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About the Instructor


Helen started yoga after she graduated in 2017 from a bachelor of Arts in International Relations in Dubai. While searching for jobs, she decided to try yoga to make herself more relax and she actually enjoyed the first class she ever joined. First, she started to do yoga 3 times per week then after she became a regular in her practice ( twice per day I attended different classes such as Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Power Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa). She also attended workshops such as splits, back bending, hip opening and handstand. She realized that after her first month of yoga practice her body became flexible due to her background in gymnastics as well as her natural body flexibility. 


After 3 years of practice, she decided to get my 300 hours certificate and for 1 year she assisted Master Ganesh Raj during his class and also taught a bite of Ashtanga for both beginners and advanced students. She realized that yoga is not only about achieving difficult postures, rather it is a lot about philosophical knowledge and psychology, which both were my favorite subjects in high school and college. Yoga made her realize that we have to enjoy every moment of life and that also helped me a lot when it came to family problems as well as health problem.


Yoga is a medicine that can cure anything as long as we make it part of our daily life.


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