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aura cleansing




We as human beings are made of our physical body, our brain and our spirit. We also have a fourth component which is the energy field of the Aura. As electromagnetic beings, we too project an energy field similar to the one projected by a magnet or any other electrical item. The aura surrounds our physical body to a distance of approximately 6 feet.

The Aura can change its size, shape, colour, pattern and position depending on the person himself or herself, the emotions experienced, the intentions held, other Auras of those around us and the environment.

During this meditation we will use a technique to release the old Aura that has accumulated negative thoughts, limiting ideas, stresses and pains over time. Dark patches develop in the Aura, which could eventually lead to dis-ease and illness. Then, we will move on to create a beautiful new Aura for ourselves.

We will end by putting down layers of protection so that our auric space remains ours and does not get polluted.

The Sounds of the Ancient Gongs will then strengthen and energize our auric fields and make subtle, vibrational changes to our new Auras, fine tuning them to continue to receive cosmic energies and healing for our highest and best good.

Open to all levels.


Timing : Friday 6th July at 5:00pm (60 minutes)

Joining Fee: 110 aed 



About the instructor: zarine Dadachanji

Zarine is a facilitator for guided sound meditations, energy healing and space clearings. She plays the gongs, singing bowls and other instruments during the sessions. She continues to study the Way of the Gong with the Grand Gong Master, Don Canreaux. She is also a certified Laughter Yoga Leader. she facilitates all these sessions for children and adults of all nationalities, in schools, centers, homes, and corporates, all over the UAE and has facilitated Gong Meditations in England, France, San Diego, Karachi and Kuwait.

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