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breath mastery




so in a nutshell what am I getting out of this course?


  • A solid Foundation into the Practice of PRANAYAMA 

  • A road map to build YOUR OWN PRACTICE

  • A total of 3 Masterclasses (90 minutes each)


Is this COURSE for you?

If you find it difficult to establish your own Pranayama practice or are intimidated by it in any way, this course is the best place to start. It would also help those of you who like to deepen your current breathing practices.

No prior knowledge or experience is necessary - beginners are completely welcome!


What is This COURSE about?


Pranayama is a valuable traditional yogic routine with which one can learn to consciously control the breath and create feelings of relaxation, increased energy or mindfulness. Pranayama strengthens communication with the body and mind, prepares one for deep meditative practices that ultimately leads to healing.

This course is designed for you to learn the ancient yogic tradition of Pranayama-breathing techniques handed down over the ages. You will experience deep understanding of how energy can be directed through breathing techniques. By learning more about how our breath works, it will become easier to improve the quality and capacity of life force {Prana} and move toward the attainment of fulfillment and freedom in our life —the ultimate goals of yoga.


This 3-Week course consists of 3 Masterclasses. Masterclasses will be held on Sundays 9:00am – 10:30am (90 minutes ) and will consist of 2 parts: a 45 minute theory class and 45 minute practical session. To implement what has been covered in the Masterclass.

what does the course cover?

  • Philosophy of Pranayama

  • Knowledge of Prana

  • Pranayama techniques including breath retention, alternate nostril, equalizing or square breathing, bellows breathing, skull cleansing breath, ocean pranayama, right & left nostril breathing, cooling & hissing breath, humming bee breath

  • Alignment & seating pranayama

  • Anatomy & physiology of the lungs

  • The breath beyond the physical body


Sundays 9:00am – 10:30am

  • October 29

  • November 5

  • November 12

Course Location

All course dates will run at The Greens Studio. The space is purposely  built for yoga practice, and fully equipped with everything you need.


AED 580  + VAT 

To sign up for the course:

For any queries please, contact using link click below or send us an email to

about the facilitator: kala shekhar

Kala has been practicing yoga since 2010 and has dedicated herself to the practice, study and teaching yoga after discovering the enormous benefits of it. She has lived and worked in seven countries and has the good fortune of learning from some of the best teachers in the world. She is an ERYT 500 certified teacher with additional certificates in Yin, meditation and Yoga Therapy. She teaches Vinyasa, Yin, Hatha and yoga alignment. Kala is dedicated to sharing with her students the power of moving energy and breath to get deeper into an asana.


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