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meet our graduates!



In celebration of the graduation of 7 of our wonderful students we will have a series of community classes offered to our members as a way to experience first hand their new found training capabilities. These will be offered as Hatha Yoga classes, weekly over the months of July and August in our studio in the Intercontinental Hotel, Dubai Marina. Please find listed below class timing, instructor name with a short bio:

​saturday 11 july, 1pm

Instructor Name : Xenia Mainaeva 

Venue: Intercontinental Marina Main Studio

Bio: With her recent graduation from Yoga House, Xenia is passionate about teaching and can only describe Yoga as a pure relationship between the body, mind and soul. Yoga has helped her become stronger, more decisive and aware in general. It has helped inspire her to live with more mindfulness in her day to day life. With a background in dance, she learnt at a young age that being in control of both body and mind helped bring her a sense of freedom, joy, and happiness. And so, she decided to embark on a journey to understand this relationship in more detail to  ultimately create a space within herself free from any obstacles. Xenia would love to help others understand this connection so that they too can gain the confidence to be able to grow their physical and spiritual self.


​saturday 18 july, 1pm

Instructor Name : Veronika Ottmar 

Venue: Intercontinental Marina Main Studio

Bio: With a history in classical ballet, Veronika was always drawn to unique combinations of exercise that involve mind, body and soul. She found yoga in 2014, and it slowly occupied a significant place in her heart, as it helped her through tough times by making her feel so much better with regular practice. In her classes, she would like to help give back what she gained from her practice and understanding of Yoga, and make others feel its unparalleled benefits.

​saturday 25 july, 1pm

Instructor Name : Janice Dooley 

Venue: Intercontinental Marina Main Studio

Bio: Janice believes yoga is a way for people to improve their wellbeing and find balance in their lives. Not only through the physical practice but through meditation and breathing techniques, one can become more stress free in  busy everyday lives. Janice has a background in dance and has always enjoyed the active lifestyle. She first started yoga in Thailand and really enjoyed the classes, and immediately gained a string passion for this way of life. Meditation was something she only experienced recently and  found it greatly helped improve her concentration and focus.  During the teacher training course she gained a great deal of knowledge about yoga, the sutras, meditation techniques and mindfulness and she is so excited to be able to help people become the best version of themselves, whether through asana practice or meditation techniques.

​saturday 1 august, 1pm

Instructor Name : Evgeniya Gromova

Venue: Intercontinental Marina Main Studio

Bio: Evgeniya is from Russia and is the mom of two amazing kids that she learns from all the time. Her yoga journey began 2,5 years 
ago and it has not been an easy path but going through it made her calmer, balanced and more mindful in her day to day life. She has found in Yoga a relaxation and peace of mind that helps her to be more focused and present whether on her  mat, playing with her kids or cooking dinner for the family. Yoga is an endless learning experience - you become a student for life. She wants to share with you the joy and love for yoga and the hope that after the practice you’ll feel refreshed, energized and balanced. 
“You may not be able to control the whole world, but you may learn to control your inner world through yoga.”

​saturday 8 august, 1pm

Instructor Name : Sabina Ramovic 

Venue: Intercontinental Marina Main Studio

Bio:  Hailing from Serbia, Sabina is on a mission to improve your health and happiness through yoga and transformational coaching. She strongly believes that self-discovery leads to finding inner peace and life purpose, and yoga practiced together with a healthy lifestyle and a big smile can play a crucial role in this process.  Expect to be guided through the gentle process of quieting your mind, strengthening your body and reconnecting with your inner you and ‘mini-me’.

​saturday 22 august, 1pm

Instructor Name : Cinderella Hamdan

Venue: Intercontinental Marina Main Studio

Bio: CindereIla, a designer for a living has found different ways in creating spaces. Delving deeper into her practice, she can wholeheartedly say that Yoga is about coming home to yourself. Every day is a different day on the mat, and that’s what made it a journey for her. Yoga has helped her to discover space for change, space to evolve and space in her mind.  She began her journey in search of balance, self discovery and mindfulness in her busy world and further beyond she was able to find a breadth of opportunities on and off the mat. This path and it’s countless layers of discovery is what she yearns for others to experience.

​saturday 5 september, 1pm

Instructor Name : Sheena Fatania

Venue: Intercontinental Marina Main Studio

Bio: Coming from a highly stressful and competitive corporate background Sheena originally started practicing yoga for health & fitness however it ended up not only improving her strength and flexibility but also allowed her to connect to her true self and helped her to become more emotionally balance, to manage stress and overall to have joy and happiness in her life. She now seeks to help others thrive in life by nurturing their mind, body and soul with yoga. Her classes are dynamic while stimulating the spirit and soul and her hope is that her students step off the mat feeling refreshed, nourished and balanced.

About the class: The class will be focused along a traditional Hatha Yoga teaching with instructor modifications and sequencings.

Joining Fee

AED 35 

Don't forget to bring your mat and FRIENDS ALONG!

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