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Hamstrings are a pesky little muscle. Stretch a little bit more, they recoil and become stiffer. When you skip the practice for few days they go back to square one. It can be a little frustrating when this happens. Tight hamstrings can mean either they are overworked or not being stretched enough. An under stretched hamstring plays a part in limiting the mobility of the hips making them tighter and tighter over time. Cycling, running, and other high-intensity workouts contribute to a stiffening of the hips and hamstrings. At a more subtle level, tight hips are known to accumulate undigested negative emotions. Releasing and increasing the mobility of hips can help release these built up emotions helping one feel lighter both physically and mentally. Considering hips play a major role in our ability to balance, it is very important to keep the hips healthy and mobile as we grow older, so that our youthfulness can be maintained. There is a most definite connection between a young child's openness to physical and mental exploration and the mobility and flexibility of their hips.

In Yoga, there are so many poses that can help release the hamstrings such as standing and seated forward bends. Forwards bends in general provide maximum benefits in keeping the digestive system healthy and in preventing the accumulation of toxins. But when the hamstrings and hips are tight they limit the ability to do a proper forward bend, which in turn limits the  benefits that can be gained from this pose.

In this 2 hour workshop, you will learn how to release, stabilize and strengthen the hamstrings and hips with the use of props and simple exercises to keep them healthy. You will also learn yoga poses that are specifically designed to address this. This workshop is suitable for all levels with particular emphasis on athletes, runners, yoga practitioners and dancers alike.

Open to all levels.


Timing : Friday 1st June at 3:00pm (120 minutes)

Joining Fee: 150 aed 



About the instructor: KARTHIK THOGULAVA

​With 6 years of Hatha and 4 years of Ashtanga teaching experience Karthik is a certified yoga teacher from the Swami Sivanandha lineage. Under the guidance of his guru Sri. Sharadh jois at KPJAYI, Mysore, Karthik developed his passion for Ashtanga Yoga and will be leading this practice as Lead Instructor at Yoga House. 


Karthik’s approach to teaching looks at teaching the subject in the most authentic way with no distortion from the original teaching method.  He looks to build strong relationships with his students wherein he takes them on a guided journey through the stepping stones of the practice. The end goal is for the practitioner to experience good health, mindfulness and a calm mind.  

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