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silvia campos


About the Instructor

Her yoga journey began at a hard time in her life, where she needed time for herself and self-reflecting. She started reading some yoga books and trying different classes on Youtube and soon she realized that Ashtanga Vinyasa was the perfect kind of yoga for her. After some months of self-learning, she noticed the urge to go deep into her daily practice so she decided to do a Teacher Training in one of the best Ashtanga yoga schools in Rishikesh (India). That was her first solo trip to India and she fell in love with its culture and its people.


For her, yoga is about being present and be able to connect body and mind. In a world of rush and anxiety, we need to learn how to reconnect with ourselves, with others, and with nature. And yoga is union, yoga is the tool we need to start reconnecting. So my goal as a teacher is to encourage my students to have a daily practice, even if is only for 15 minutes to slow down and start feeling this connection and of course all the other benefits that Yoga gives you. It doesn’t matter what kind of yoga you do, but she thinks Ashtanga Vinyasa is the perfect one to start building a solid routine. In her classes, you will find a positive and funny atmosphere where she try to transmit my calmness and compassion while teaching. You will be receiving hand-on adjustments and expect the use of props and modifications if necessary because she believe in yoga we are not in a hurry to achieve the pose, instead we search for the benefits of it. 

She practice yoga every day, not only because it feels good but because if you haven't experienced it yourself, it is difficult to teach it. And as she always say: You never stop learning from your yoga practice! 


  • Ashtanga Half Primary Series

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