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The Monte Amiata, an extinct volcano, was the sacred mountain of the Etruscans, who settled this magical corner of Tuscany almost 3,000 years ago. The area has retained its enchanting quality to this day—and is best explored on foot. Only by walking can you fully appreciate the unique, deep symbiosis of nature and culture the region has achieved over the ages: Etruscan wine-making stones and Roman hot springs; lavish Renaissance villas and fortified castles; humanist Popes and Sienese princes; golden olive oil and some of the finest red wines in Italy today.

Walking day by day, from place to place, is a kind of moving meditation: a rhythm sets in, an exchange between the internal and the external. Almost like you are breathing in the countryside, stretching, easing into it. On foot you get to discover the terrain at a human pace, exploring the landscape: along ancient trails once walked by medieval pilgrims on the Via Francigena to Rome; into the forest hide-outs of World War II partisans and brigands; past the mountain lair of a 19th century Monte Amiata mystic; across rolling hills, bucolic fields and gushing streams.

The route traverses areas of stunning natural beauty, where landscape and agriculture have remained essentially unchanged for hundreds of years. As you walk through these ancient olive groves, grand chestnut forests and immaculately kept organic vineyards, making your way from the magnificent castle of Potentino on the slopes of the Amiata to the stunning castle of Argiano in the Orcia River valley below, you start to understand—step by step—why the Etruscans gravitated towards and chose this area as the mystical centerpiece of their amazing civilization thousands of years ago.

Our days will be centered around walking through this wonderful landscape with yoga sessions at the end of the days and in the mornings on the two days of rest. We will also be staying at some magnificent venues including: Hotel Le Terme (Bagno Vignoni), Castello di Potentino, Il Molino, Castello di Argiano.

A certain level of fitness is required for this retreat. daily hiking will range between 4-8 hours daily.


Timing : Sunday 7th - Saturday 13th April 2019.

Early bird discount: save 200 Euros on booking made by 15th January 2019

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