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joanne smallwood


About the Instructor

Joanne loves exploring all things yoga.

A devoted yoga practitioner since her early twenties, Joanne has taught internationally for over 14 years. After completing her Teacher Training in 2005 at The Downward Dog Yoga Centre in Toronto with Ron Reid and Diane Bruni, she traded the infamous Canadian winters for warmer shores of India. She spent 12 years practicing and learning at Brahmani Yoga, one of the leading yoga centres in Goa.  This was a time for growth, constant learning and transformation – her love of yoga, teaching and practice evolved.

Joanne’s style of teaching Vinyasa Flow is a light, creative and fun sequence, which allows the body to feel free and the mind to remain present.

Her Prenatal and Restorative yoga classes provide a space for her to share her love for deep relaxation and encourage students to enter into a state of bliss.

Joanne also offers ‘sound bath’ sessions for deeper rejuvenation. Using Tibetan Bowls as instruments for sound vibration, one can reach a state of stillness and bliss, in which sound nourishes the nervous system allowing the entire body to relax at a deeply profound level.


  • Vinyasa Flow

  • Deep Stretch

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