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Enrica AndreetTo


About the Instructor

She was born and raised in Italy where she has been a figure skater for 13 years of training and competing internationally, but something was always missing: it could not be all about performance. Then in 2013 she went to her first yoga class, and that was it! Since her 200hrs teacher training at Shiva Yoga Peeth in Rishikesh (India) she has been traveling the world sharing her love for yoga. 


In Spain she met my great teacher Priya Nath Camargo, under whom  deepened her studies on yoga anatomy and biomechanics. This journey led her to get an additional 300hrs teacher training certificate. 

Later on, she traveled to Costa Rica for an equine yoga teacher program where she learned how to use yoga as a tool to establish a deep connection with horses. 

Considering meditation as a crucial part of the practice, she also attended a profoundly transforming Vipassana Meditation seminar in Dubai.


"My aim as yoga teacher is to create a safe space where we can all better understand each other and where we can heal together. "


  • Vinyasa Flow

  • Prenatal Yoga

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