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edita kelly


About the Instructor

Meet Edita – Yogini and jetsetter, student of life, admirer of all things pretty, yoga and movement obsessed, teaching yoga in Dubai for past 7 years. “I could have been around 12 years old when my grandma brought me along to my very first yoga class and as you may imagine, at that time, I didn’t find any joy nor challenge in there! It felt too easy for a young girl who’s been exposed to rhythmic and sport gymnastics. It took a couple of years, a few yoga classes and many gyms visits to finally discovered the spark in yoga. And the rest is really a history… Closing a door of corporate world, and previous country allowed for a new door to open up.”


As a manifestation of her willingness to learn she went through over 1600 hours of teacher trainings, consolidating her passion with over 300 hours of workshops.


She is forever grateful to Kosta Miachin (Vikasa Yoga) for unprejudiced approach that opened the initial door of knowledge and evolution, why things happen and how things work, setting her on the path of happiness through yoga. Her yoga and life principles have been ultimately shaped by wisdom, tradition and extensive knowledge of Andrey Lappa (Universal Yoga) stretching the importance of unification, transformation and liberation.


Last but not least, she has been greatly challenged by fluid yet esthetic approach of Edward Clark (Tripsichore).

“Not only has yoga given me a brighter view of life, delving into myself, yoga helped me to connect with very interesting and equally unique people around the world, sharing a passion, motivation and inspiration with fellow yogis. And finally, yoga allows me to ignite that spark in my students, helping them to cultivate or simply re-discover their better-self, alignment orientated with enough encouragement to achieve the unification of body and mind and in return my students continue to be my biggest inspiration of all. I am inclining towards a holistic approach considering physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing of myself, individuals and groups, currently enriching my interest in Eastern studies such as QiGong and Traditional Chinese Medicine.”

And her favorite yoga asana? Anything that cultivates awareness and balance in her body and mind.


  • Hatha Flow

  • Yoga For Beginners

  • Yin Stretch

  • Vinaysa Flow

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