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Healing through Yoga

Within every cell of the human body lies the blueprint to every cellular function, every process, every repair mechanism and every function of the body. This blueprint not only outlines how the human body functions but also how each aspect of the human body should be repaired when it malfunctions.

The only thing it needs from us is to create the right environment for our body to heal itself through its own capabilities.

What does it mean exactly well when we think about creating an environment that is conducive to healing? Well the points below help summarise this:

  • Feeding our bodies an ample amount nutritious food with a large portion of vitamins and minerals so that our bodies have the ground work in place for proper cellular function.

  • Drinking plenty of water so that we not only hydrate our cells but additionally so that our bodies can rid themselves of toxic waste through our urinary tract.

  • Avoiding toxic, foods, chemicals and cosmetics that can place an extra burden on our liver and our healing processes.

Now this is where the physical, mental and spiritual practice of yoga can help us put our bodies into a harmonious state that can promote healing and relaxation.

How does Yoga do this, through breathing, meditation, and relaxation and through mindful movement, meaning a consistent physical practice of yoga?

It is these aspects of yoga that make it unique amongst other physical disciplines. No other movement practice has such healing and regenerative powers like Yoga, not because it’s a magic pill of healing but because it creates the right healing environment for our bodies to heal itself, all it needs is a little help from us.

To learn more about Yoga we host a range of monthly workshops that explore all the concepts of Yoga. Visit our website for more information on our upcoming workshops.

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