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Welcome to our transformative "Realign & Revive" workshop, a holistic journey dedicated to relieving neck and back pain through the combined power of yoga, Yin yoga, and mindful breathing.


Are you tired of the persistent discomfort in your neck and back? Are daily stresses taking a toll on your well-being? Join us for a rejuvenating 2-hour workshop designed to bring you relief and relaxation, while nurturing your body, mind, and spirit.


What to Expect

  • Yoga for Pain Relief: Begin your journey with a yoga practice tailored to alleviate tension and discomfort in the neck and back. Our experienced instructor will guide you through poses that promote flexibility, strength, and proper alignment.

  • Deep Yin Release: Dive into a Yin yoga session, a restorative practice that targets the areas of your body most affected by pain. Surrender to the therapeutic stretches and allow your body to release tension and stress.

  • Breathing Techniques : You may not have considered how your breathing affects your body, but improper breathing patterns can lead to various conditions, including lower back and neck pain. Studies have shown that shallow breathing patterns can lead to increased muscle tension, reduced oxygen flow, and heightened stress levels, all of which can lead to various discomforts in the mind and body. By learning and practicing different techniques, we aim to share tools needed to alleviate pain, improve posture, support sleep and enhance overall well-being.

  • Practical Self-Care Tips: Discover actionable self-care techniques and postural adjustments that you can incorporate into your daily life to maintain a healthy, pain-free neck and back.


Who Can Attend

This workshop is suitable for all levels, whether you're a seasoned yogi or new to these practices. It's perfect for anyone seeking relief from chronic neck and back discomfort and looking to enhance their overall well-being.

Join Us

Take the first step towards a pain-free, harmonious life. Reserve your spot in our "Realign & Revive" workshop, and let us guide you on a path to renewed vitality and relaxation.

When & Where

Sunday, 22nd October at 12:30 pm (120 minutes)

Yoga House in The Greens

Investment in Your Well-Being

160 AED + VAT

Don't let neck and back pain control your life. Join us on this healing journey, and together, we'll realign and revive your body and spirit.

*Note that the workshop will go ahead with a minimum of 4 persons.

about the instructor: dima wadjih

Dima is an experienced yoga and breathwork instructor whose teachings are steeped in the ancient traditions of yogic philosophy. She has received extensive training from some of the world's leading yoga and breath masters, which has given her a deep understanding of these practices. Dima's approach is both technical and scientific, yet she seamlessly embeds spirituality into her teachings.

Dima empowers her students to connect with their breath and unlock the transformative potential of yoga and breathwork. In a welcoming and supportive environment, she guides students through heart-opening practices, encouraging them to embrace their inner strength and feeling home within themselves.

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