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Ramadan Kareem

Have you ever wondered what kareem means?! It means generous in Arabic. This holy month is all about giving and that is what we are planning to do!


During this Ramadan we will be giving away 5 Single Class Passes for 5 lucky students DAILY!


So how does it work?


1. Check out our schedule for our “Happy classes”. You can identify them with a star next to the instructor’s name.


2. To get a chance to win, SIGN UP to one of the “Happy classes”.


3. At the end of each “Happy class” there will be a draw for one of the attendees to win 1 FREE Single Class Pass.




See you on the mat. You might be one of our lucky students, who knows!


If you are in the spirit of giving too and you think a friend needs it more, 

please feel free to pass it on!

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