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myofascial release WORKSHOP


We introduce the basic concept of fascia and explore how to release the fascia through myofascial release. We will then move into specific areas of the body and review common tight areas in the athletes and in the general population. After myofascial release, you will feel taller, lighter and the body feels more fluid.

As part of the workshop you will get your own pair of rad rounds to take home and practice!

What to expect:

·         Learn the basic fundamentals on fascia and myofascial release.

·         Understand the different ways to “roll”

·         Learn to apply  self myofascial release.

·         Learn the importance of the pain threshold while implementing myofascial release.

·         Discover the different tools to use for specific areas of the body and the benefits that they offer.

·         Learn how to unlock tight areas in the body

·         1 hour of SMR and movement.

Timing : Saturday 25th January at 11:00am (90)

Joining Fee: 150 aed

Venue: Yoga House in The Greens, Emaar Business Park

About the instructor: January corteza

January  weaves health-giving benefits in her yoga classes with therapeutic specialties .  A Yoga Medicine© Registered Therapeutic Specialist, an educator  and specialist for Myofascial Release, January is passionate about study of fascia and anatomy. She takes time to travel the world to learn from specialists to bring these knowledge to her trainings. A resident of Dubai for 13 years (and counting), January is from Philippines with a background in travelling and pharmaceuticals.


Journeying into the body through yoga asanas she teaches Vinyasa Flow, Yin, restorative yoga and specialises in one to one sessions highlighting orthopaedic dysfunction specialties. Movement and mobility is her specialty, January is also a Pilates teacher and a certified Functional Range Mobility Specialist. 


As a Master Coach and Trainer for RAD, January brings in Visceral Manipulation - mobilisation for the visceral organs through myofascial release technique as a specialty. This she aims to impart in her teaching as a service - the goal to make people feel better with their bodies.

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