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About the Instructor

Peeyush is a highly qualified multi style Yoga instructor & coach. His passion for Yoga shaped him into an intense yoga practitioner & teacher with a firm belief in a holistic concept of wellness as a fundamental component for communities.


 He started his journey in the heart of the world's Yoga capital Rishikesh as a student in 2014. A post graduate in Hatha Yoga methodology which reflects into his teaching style. with over  five years of  teaching experience and advance training in Hatha , Iyengar, Ashtanga  & Vinyasa styles.

Peeyush is an experienced and passionate  Yoga instructor  extremely committed to  providing extensive instruction and counselling to his students, while motivating them to find true inner peace and their healthiest self.  With his in-depth knowledge of anatomy and strong interpersonal communication skills, he  inspires students to incorporate advanced yoga abilities and techniques into their yoga practice. His classes focus on building strength, emphasize alignment a constant trigger to explore our potential.


  • Yoga for Alignment ( Iyengar Style)

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