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ONLINE Classes

You can now enjoy our ONLINE LIVE STREAM CLASSES as well as some FREE PRE-RECORDED CLASSES. Below you can find everything you need to know to book your next session online!

Live streaming classes



Class Experience

All classes will be run live on Zoom with the intention of running these sessions as a regular class from the comfort of your own home.

Booking Procedure

Please book directly online or through the schedulehouse app. (available from the Apple app store and the Google play store). Please make sure you book at least 30 min before class start time as only members with bookings will be able to access the online class.

To download our app:.


Zoom access

Once your booking has been made on schedule house you will be sent a zoom access link by email 30 minutes before class time. Please make sure your name on schedule house is the same as the one on your zoom account so that we can track your booking once the class starts.

Please also make sure that you set yourself up for maximum view of the teacher ideally on a TV Screen, Laptop or similar size tablet and we advise you to connect a Bluetooth speaker to your computer for a better sound quality. Some teachers may also send you a link to a playlist on Spotify or Apple music if you wish to play it during the session.


The online studio space will open 5 minutes prior to class start time and the video stream will end exactly at the end of the class. For those attending a yoga session, you have the option to remain in shavasana and complete final relaxation at your own leisure.

Joining Fees

  • Single Class pass: AED 40

  • 5 Class Pass: AED 35 per class

  • 10 Class Pass: AED 30 per class

All unlimited packages can be used to access both In-Studio Classes as well as Online Classes.

free pre-recorded


Free pre-recorded online classes
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