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Breathe & Meditate

new moon yin



A restorative and grounding evening to indulge in our yin under the new moon. This is a slow invitation to connect within, quiet our mind, set a clear intention for a new beginning, and nourish the relationship we have with ourselves through breathing, yin yoga, and sacred sound healing.


Purva will lead a thoughtful serene session that will allow you to move through passive yin shapes held between 3-5 mins, with the support of props. Longer holds encourage a release of deep connective tissues – the fascial network – opening up an incredible opportunity for inner healing. The immersive combination of yin and vibrations emitted by ancient Himalayan singing bowls will encompass and permeate your body to facilitate a deeper meditative state. By the end of the session, you will feel immensely nourished and rejuvenated. 

Enjoy this experience in the magical candlelit setting of Yoga House.

Timing: Monday, 20th February at 8:00 pm (60 minutes)

Joining Fee: 150AED + VAT

Venue: Yoga House in Intercontinental Dubai Marina Studio

*Note that the workshop will go ahead with a minimum of 4 persons. 

about the instructor: PURVA KAUSHAL

Purva is a skilled and experienced Holistic Sound healer and yoga teacher. She hails from the land of enriched traditional yoga and ancient sound methodologies of holistic healing-India. Over the years, Purva has gathered immense knowledge of sound and experience in providing independent and group sound healing therapy sessions across Dubai. 


Through the magic of sound she utilizes the principles of resonance, vibration, and integration of the body and mind. She has great understanding of bio-rhythms, tunes in to learning from the wisdom of the body where tension is being held and how to release it.

Purva continues to magically weave a variety of sacred meditations, breath awareness with sound healing events over the years that has helped her students find inner peace and harmony.

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