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montessori nanny enrichment programme


full programme details:

2 sessions in person with nannies and one Zoom session with parents during the programme to discuss progress:


Here are the step by step empowering tools and techniques to support our helpers:

  • Brief introduction to the Montessori approach and the value it offers to children of all cultures around the world.

  • Child development needs in the context of Montessori (movement, free exploration, respectful communication).

  • Guidance on respectful communication.  Supporting caregivers in guiding children in empowering ways.  (alternatives to good girl, naughty girl, threats,etc).

  • Guidance in respectful interaction (holding by the hand rather than the wrist or arm, respectful caregiving in diapering, honouring a child’s body boundaries, getting down to their level, not interrupting/interfering with their work or play).

  • Meals - feeding - snacking.

  • Giving children the freedom and space they need to move, play and explore.  How to support their curiosity whilst keeping them safe.

  • A simple guide on establishing a daily rhythm, and  preparing the home environment in a way that promotes autonomy, exploration and joy!

  • Homework and reflections for Nannies to encourage the new skills and principles learnt to become part of daily home life.

  • Printable checksheets to display at home to support the whole family in keeping on track!

Time: Nannies- Saturday 31st October 1:30pm to 4:00pm 

           Nannies- Saturday 28th November 1:30pm to 4:00pm 

           Parents Session- (30 minutes Zoom session)  Friday 13th November

Venue: The Greens Studio, Emaar Business Park

Joining Fee: 2000aed per Family

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