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About the Instructor

Mrigha is an ex-Marketer turned full time yoga instructor from Bombay, India.


“A lower back injury in the gym lead me to my first yoga class. Seeing as how with guidance my injury minimized and I got stronger, I fell in love with the practise. I could see the mental and physical changes in me and wanted to deep dive in to the world of Yoga and teaching yoga.” 


Mrigha’s passion is yoga, her daily practise involves Ashtanga Vinyasa & flows. “My training has helped me realize the importance of  the basics & fundamentals, to prevent injury & give a solid grounding of the beauty of traditional styles of yoga.”


Her classes will focus on alignment, safety & the benefits of having a regular practice while building a strong foundation which eventually leads them to improve their strength and flexibility.


  • Vinyasa Flow 

  • Yoga for Beginners

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