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marija lalic


About the Instructor

​Highly skilled and dedicated Yoga Teacher with a 500-hour certification in RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) seeking to share the transformative benefits of yoga through teaching traditional Hatha yoga. Committed to creating a mindful community, fostering joy and laughter, and promoting the mind-body-breath connection for personal well-being and global harmony. Her method of teaching is in integrating breath (pranayama), meditation, bandhas (energy locks), and Gaze into yoga asana.


With over 6 years of dedicated yoga practice and a 500 RYT certification, Maria has honed her expertise in both Vinyasa and Hatha yoga. She delves deeply into the art of discovering tranquility within movement and emphasizes the integration of breath, gaze, and bandhas to enhance mental focus and bodily stillness. Through the rhythmic flow of Vinyasa and the potent essence of Hatha, Maria guides her students on a transformative and grounding journey. Her passion lies in the profound intersection of mind, body, and breath. As she continues her own yogic journey, Maria remains committed to illuminating the path for others, nurturing growth and inner harmony in each class.


  • Vinyasa Flow

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