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About the Instructor

Lonneke’s yoga classes are focused on aligning the energy within. Her classes are not about increasing the difficulty of the asanas or reaching your physical edge and going beyond. It is about what poses are needed for the purpose to come into balance with the mind – heart – body and returning to self.

Yoga is the path to the union, where the physical aspect is one of them, helping and supporting this journey. In Lonneke’s classes, she combines Hatha with Kriya (Energy yoga) and incorporates them as she experiences this to be the fastest way to click into alignment. In her classes she encourages her students to go deep and to let go. The classes are a safe space, and she makes sure to connect with everyone to understand and feel what is needed for them.


She is on her yoga journey as well since 2009 and during this has done a 500hr Hatha Flow RYTT, 95hr Kids Mindfulness & Yoga RYTT, Himalayan Kriya Yoga level 1, 200hr Face Yoga Method TT, Swing Yoga RYTT, and keeps on learning through following fellow yoga teachers, workshops and self-study. Lonneke taught the elderly in her online golden yoga classes, teaches children of determination, and provides yoga classes to children and toddlers in schools and studios. Through this diversity, she has an awareness of what it means to work with physical and mental limitations and welcomes all ages and levels to her classes while making sure the students feel seen and safe.


  • Kids Yoga

  • Candlelit Hatha

  • Himalayan Kriya

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