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Yoga, now more than ever, is needed for children to have a safe space where they can explore, where there is no competition and there is nothing other to do than just BE you & have fun!

Benefits of Kids Yoga:

  • Growing body and mind connection

  • Awareness of the breath and learning ways to use the breath to calm yourself down

  • Building strength, working with different muscle groups

  • Growing self-esteem and faith in own abilities

  • Learning how to work together and have fun together without competition

  • Experiencing stillness and space in the body and mind

Kids Yoga: 4-10 YEARS OLD

In this  class we will be using movement through play, yoga asanas, yoga games, inner imagination and partner poses to enhance the body and mind connection. The students become more resilient, more free to express them selves and more confident in their own skin. 
Every class will be different as we will connect with what is happening in real life and then play this out within our yoga class. We will explore different breathing techniques & identify our muscles & how and for what we use them. The students will be invited to go beyond their comfort zone, build a trust relationship between peers and work together to make shapes and do poses together. 
The yoga class is a safe space where every child is accepted,  respected and where there is no competition. 
But most importantly in every class we have a lot of fun!


Class Schedule:

  • Saturdays, 10:15am (60minutes)



joining fEE

75 AED - Drop In Fee


If you wish to sign up for the whole term (10 weeks) , please connect with us to avail the pass of:


65AED per class for 1 class per week 


The Greens Studio

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