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Inversions and arm balances are a fun and playful part of a yoga practice where we learn to control the body, watch the mind and create a wonderful synergy between the two with our breath. Small steps along the path to inversions and arm balances will help us find the full expression of the postures. Inversions and arm balances help to eliminate fear and weakness, anxiety and depression. They are a powerful tool to regulate the nervous and endocrine system. Arm balances build up strength and courage to trust your ability to compose these asanas in a fun and safe way.


This workshop is about learning to break down the fundamental components of inversions and arm balances: strength building, flexibility and stability, building up concentration and courage. Inversions do not happen overnight but they need a consistency and perseverance.


Join Jatta who will provide you with the tools to start practicing towards the beautifully mastery of inversions and arm balances.


What will this workshop cover?

  • Adho mukha svanasana - down dog

  • Sarvangasana - shoulder stand

  • Sirsasana - headstand and its variations

  • Adho mukha vrksasana - handstand

  • Vrishchikasana - the scorpion

  • Tittibasana - the insect pose

  • Eka Pada koundinyasana - pose dedicate to sage Kaundinya

  • Astra vakrasana -Eight angle pose

  • Bakasana - the crow

  • Parsva bakasana - the side crow


Timing : Saturday 30th January at 11:00am (120 minutes)

Joining Fee: Single Pass 175 aed, 150 aed if you buy the 5 Workshops Pass (valid for 6 months).

Venue: Yoga House in Intercontinental Dubai Marina



About the instructor: Jatta Tjurin

Jatta started the path of yoga in 18 years ago and when she discovered Ashtanga yoga 11 years  ago she felt intrigued and challenged physically and at the same time her mind was changed for good . She started practicing seriously and followed many famous ashtanga teachers; Lino Miele, Richard Freeman, David Swenson and then finally made her first trip to Mysore in 2010 to study at KPJAYI. She then subsequently travelled to Rishikesh to certify herself as a 500 + Yoga Alliance Ashtanga teacher from Tattvaa Yoga Shala. She also immersed herself deeply in the Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita and Hatha Yoga Pradipika from which the yoga philosophy is derived from and realised that the physical asana is just one fraction of the whole of Yoga, which is as vast as life itself. She keeps practicing with the KPJAYI level 2 authorised teachers in Dubai and returns back to Mysore every year to study with Sharat Jois. 

Her teaching is based on traditional Ashtanga method and she is hand on with her students during the class to guide and adjust on a physical as well as energetic level. Her classes are always light and fun yet she cultivates a profound message in the beginning and the end of the class. She also teaches modified Ashtanga, vinyasa and hatha flow and each student will always receive individual adjustments according to their needs. 

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