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Cacao Monthly Session

heart opening

cacao ceremony



Ceremonial Cacao is raw chocolate, when consumed leads to a release of endorphins and an opening of our hearts. The Spirit of the Cacao is a Master Plant Teacher and is also known as the Cacao Goddess.  She is gentle and nurturing, but at the same time very powerful. The aim of a Cacao Ceremony is to empower you to release what does not serve you any longer and help you see and re-connect with what is truly important in your life.  Cacao is gentle in a way that it lets YOU decide if you are ready to let go.

We will begin with the Cacao Ceremony followed by a heart chakra-based Crystal Bowl Sound Journey.  The effects of the Cacao will deepen your experience during the sound journey.  The sound of the Crystal Bowls creates a feeling of peace in a loving and compassionate way, bringing us back into perfect balance and harmony, this together with the Cacao will creates a truly blissful experience.


  • Booking is essential to ensure your portion of Cacao (Ceremonial Grade)

  • Cacao is best ingested on an empty stomach or you may eat something light 3-4 hours before

  • Bring a bottle of water & a journal if you wish

  • Not suitable for anyone pregnant, anyone with epilepsy or a heart related condition


  • 100% Plant Based

  • 40 Times the Antioxidants of Blueberries

  • Highest Plant-Based Source of Iron

  • Full of Magnesium for a Healthy Heart & Brain

  • Contains More Calcium Than Cow’s Milk

  • Increases blood flow from the heart to the brain

  • Lowers high blood pressure

Timing: Saturday, 29th April at 5:00 PM (120 minutes)

Joining Fee: 250aed 

Venue: Yoga House in The Greens


Lisa Oxford is an energy, sound & breathwork practitioner working specifically with crystal bowls.

She has studied different forms of energy healing, breath work, sound and hypnotherapy. Lisa is passionate about helping people heal themselves on an energetic level by guiding them to see what the universe is reflecting and teaching them through their own life mirror.

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