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With much of our quality of life being dependant upon a healthy spine, it makes sense to take a few moments to get to know this all-important, truly core part of our body.


One of the great benefits of the Pilates method of exercise is that it is designed to promote a healthy, strong, flexible spine. In Pilates, the core muscles of the back and abdomen are trained to provide strength and flexibility for the spine. There are exercises that stimulate the spine, and an overall focus on balanced muscular development and skeletal alignment that helps keep the spine long, decompressed, and protected.


This workshop will teach you how to be aware of some of your movement habits that may stress the spine, and will help you change these habits to those that preserve a neutral alignment.


Workshop Content:


- The anatomy of the spine

- Types of postural alignment

- How to restore natural curves in the spine

- The correlation between the abs and an alignment of the spine

- Understanding the flexion and extension of the spine

- Practical exercises to stimulate and balance your spine

Open to all levels.


Timing : Saturday, 3rd October at 1:00pm (120 minutes)

Joining Fee: Single Pass 175 aed, 150 aed if you buy the 5 Workshops Pass (valid for 6 months).

Venue: Yoga House in The Greens, Emaar Business Park



About the instructor: Anna Wyganowska-Duda

Anna has a long history with fitness and training as she was a dancer through her formative years with a love for aerobics that led to her becoming a Zumba teacher and trainer. 

Through her own practice she has gained a genuine passion for the benefits of Pilates and this is evident in her classes with her positive hands on approach. She places a lot of emphasis on correct practice in order to prevent injury and to maximize benefit.

Anna believes that there is a strong correlation between strength and balance and hopes to help her students achieve both.

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