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"The Mother relationship is fundamental in our development, but for some, it is filled with mixed emotions, sadness, grief, denial and confusion"


Whether you are a man or a woman, each of us is bound to our mothers at the deepest levels of our cells, and DNA.
Each of us carries some form of wounding from our mothers.

No matter how caring, loving, kind and generous our mothers were, their wounds become our wounds. And, even though they do the best they know how,  there is always something that we need to heal, to complete ourselves. 

When you attend the session, you will be guided through some steps:

At first, practical. 
Then through some movement
And finally, with sound.


Open to all levels.


Timing : Saturday 10th December at 5:00 pm (60 minutes)

Joining Fee: 158 aed 

Venue: Yoga House in The Greens Studio

About the instructor: zarine Dadachanji

Zarine is a facilitator for guided sound meditations, energy healing and space clearings. She plays the gongs, singing bowls and other instruments during the sessions. She continues to study the Way of the Gong with the Grand Gong Master, Don Canreaux. She is also a certified Laughter Yoga Leader. she facilitates all these sessions for children and adults of all nationalities, in schools, centers, homes, and corporates, all over the UAE and has facilitated Gong Meditations in England, France, San Diego, Karachi and Kuwait.

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