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When we move our bodies in any kind of way whether it is running, walking, cross fit, triathlon or yoga practice we involve the hip in all activity and movement. It is a ball and socket structure which has incredible flexibility and endurance to withstand your own body weight. Hips are open when we are young and then the hip joint and surrounding muscles start to become increasingly more inflexible. Most of us living a normal modern lifestyle and especially an active one are suffering from tightness in the hips and its surrounding muscles without always understanding which ones are being affected.

In the yoga practice hip plays an essential role in maintaining a structural balance in the body. Without the adequate hip opening the yoga practice stays restricted and deeper access to the body is inhibited. By opening and strengthening the hip we can have a better endurance of life’s valleys and peaks and perhaps deeper and meaningful experiences as the hip is connected with the body’s emotion center and svadisthana chakra which is responsible for creativity, desire and pleasure. Trapped negative emotions and thought patterns stored in the hip can facilitate fear, trauma, inability to love the self and holding on to the past. 

The happy hips happy life workshops designed for anyone who would like to understand their own hip and which part of their hip is tight and then explore the hip and its function through a hip sequence asana practice. I will give a brief explanation of the hip and the muscles supporting its function. It is important to understand these muscle groups in order to learn which areas need more attention with each individual. I will explain the different ways the hip has an ability to move: extension, flexion, adduction, abduction, external and internal rotation and we will explore these function in a specific focus on the external rotation through the asana practice. The sequence is designed for the overall tightness of the hip and we will explore all the planes of movement of the hip focussing on the external rotation as it is one of the most common culprits in the asana practice.

At the end of the workshop I will teach a daily happy hips routine sequence to take home and practice in your own time.


In the happy hips workshop you will learn the following:

  • The hip anatomy and the major supporting muscles 

  • The principal functions of the hip

  • Exploring the challenges of the tight hip through asana and learn which movement of the hip could be your main culprit.

  • Asana practice designed to awaken the hip and working deeper into it

  • The daily happy hip routine to practice at home in your own time

Open to all levels.


Timing: Sunday, 18th September 2022 at 10:00am (120 minutes)

Joining Fee: Single Pass 175 aed

Venue: Yoga House in The Greens

*Note that the workshop will go ahead with a minimum of 4 persons. 

About the instructor: Jatta Tjurin

Jatta's yoga path started in London 2001 and she felt the invigorating benefits of yoga on the body and mind. She got more deeply involved in the practice of Ashtanga in Dubai 10 years ago and was lucky to practice with many reverent teachers such as David Swenson, Richard Freeman, Petri Raisanen and John Scott. She has made two trips to Mysore to study at KPJAYI with Sharat Jois and will be applying to go practice with him. 

She is a 500h+ certified ashtanga teacher from Tattvaa Yoga Shala in Rishikesh and Ashtanga Rocket from It's YogaSatellite. Jatta is a hands on teacher and likes to connect with her students on a physical and mental level. The understanding of the body and mind connection is prevalent in her classes and she cultivates the deeper side of yoga and at the same time keeps her classes fun, inspiring and energizing. 

She has a passion for the philosophy side and keeps studying Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads and Advaita Vedanta. She feels that the practice is only asana if not backed up by the yoga philosophy.

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