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Energy cords form between people with whom you are closely connected. They are connections through which you can receive and send energy. Oftentimes, if a relationship is not balanced, you might be the one whose energy is being depleted. And you are not receiving any positive energy in return. Cutting these cords does not mean that you will not do your duty towards that person or that you love that person less. It simply prevents them from taking away your energy. This meditation is for us to choose to cut cords with whom so ever we feel we are being energetically drained by. It could be your parents, other family members, friends, colleagues etc.

Cutting cords allows us to regain courage and strength; to release fear and be filled with peace; to keep our energy safe within ourselves. 
And once we have done that, we can choose to forgive the person for the past pain, so that we may set ourselves free from the prison we have locked ourselves in. 

The sounds of the gongs and other instruments will then embed the energy of the healing into every cell restoring harmony, balance, and overall wellbeing.

who can attend

Open to all levels.

when & where


Saturday, 9th December at 7:00 pm (60 minutes)

Yoga House in The Greens

investment in your well-being

158 AED

About the instructor: zarine Dadachanji

Zarine is a facilitator for guided sound meditations, energy healing and space clearings. She plays the gongs, singing bowls and other instruments during the sessions. She continues to study the Way of the Gong with the Grand Gong Master, Don Canreaux. She is also a certified Laughter Yoga Leader. she facilitates all these sessions for children and adults of all nationalities, in schools, centers, homes, and corporates, all over the UAE and has facilitated Gong Meditations in England, France, San Diego, Karachi and Kuwait.

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