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Breathe & Meditate

discover your element with qigong



Qigong is a gentle yet transformative health and wellness practice that dates back thousands of years. It is the art of effortless power which helps reduce stress and tension whilst increasing energy. 


The Five Elements represent the energy in nature and in you. Each element connects to an internal organ, a body system, and emotions. We work with the elements to connect the mind-body systems. Finding balance and harmony from the inside out.


We will start by discussing the 5 Elements that underpin Chinese medicine. You will then complete a Questionnaire to discover your innate Element type. Next you will enjoy the power and grace of a traditional sequence of Qigong movements, followed by a Meditation that will light up your body. 


Feel connected to your inner power, connected to your flow, and relax into the present moment.

Timing : Saturday, 29th July at 5:00pm (90 minutes)

Joining Fee: 150 AED + VAT

Venue: Yoga House in The Greens

*Note that the workshop will go ahead with a minimum of 4 persons. 

about the instructor: amy pope

Amy is a Movement & Meditation Life Coach. Since a life changing event in April 2019, she has been on a journey of discovery, acceptance, and expression,and helping others along theirs. 


She is certified as a Life Coach, Meditation Teacher, Yoga Nidra Facilitator, Qigong Instructor, and OSHO Meditation Facilitator. Also, a certified to bring Embodiment, Sound Bowl & Cacao Practices into her teachings. She believes that movement and meditation are powerful tools for improving physical health, reducing stress, and cultivating a sense of inner peace. 


Amy will guide and support you through life's challenges by using transformative techniques which help to reduce anxiety; improve relationships (with yourself and others); increase vitality; gain confidence; grow personally, professionally and spiritually; and discover your unique energy and CELEBRATE IT!

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