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Yoga House Wellness


It may be Mental Health World Day, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, 30x30 Dubai fitness Challenge, or something else .... and you would like to organize an event for your office?

We can help you curate the perfect offering for the occasion!

One-off wellness workshops held at Yoga House studios or at your workplace. The duration of each event ranges between 60 -120 minutes. Each workshop includes an Introduction, Practice Session and Q&A session.

Workshops include:

  • Introduction to Yoga

  • Introduction to Meditation & Mindfulness

  • Team building wellness workshop

  • Unwind & Destress: Yoga & Sound Healing Workshop

  • Heal & Let Go: Meditation & Sound Healing Workshop

  • Mandala Art Workshop


This event can be held either at Yoga House or at the workplace. If the workshop is to happen at the workplace, an indoor or covered space (an empty board room for example) is needed and one yoga mat per participant.

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