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corporate artful mandala workshop

Yoga House Wellness


If you are looking for a cost-effective way to reduce workplace stresses and provide alternative preventative measures, Art classes are a great perk to offer your employees, promoting well-being and aiding relaxation and mental health. This workshop will give them life skill that can help them to cope better and respond more appropriately when stress hits.  

Why Mandala Art & Meditation in the workplace?

  • Reduce stress levels

  • Enhanced team communication and interaction

  • Creative energy creates innovative thinking

  • Relationship building

  • Big picture thinking

  • Problem solving

  • Social intelligence

  • Balancing left and right brain function for clarity of thought and decision making

  • Spontaneity, relaxation & fun

  • Self and team empowerment

  • Confidence building, self-validation

  • Increased motivation and respect amongst team members

  • Freedom to make decisions

  • Experiment with and test out new and progressive ideas

  • Improved customer service

  • Step out of automatic pilot

  • More focused attention - training the mental muscles

  • Tuning into our triggers – responding versus reacting

  • Tuning into others –communicating mindfully

  • Become more connected and purposeful at work


Art-making engages the imagination and stretches the mind far beyond the verbal dimension, presenting a uniquely different, practical and creative approach to team work. Insight can be gained to foster personal creativity and productivity. Working in teams with mandala art unifies people, making them realise that they are not alone in this, team effort matters. It helps us become more self-aware and able to better ourselves. It releases tension and often shows us that order can be created out of chaos. 

It can be held as a one-off event suitable for beginners, a series of two or three events or as ongoing monthly classes at Yoga House Studio or at your workplace. The duration of this event ranges between 60 -120 minutes.

Yoga House Workshop - Mandala Art
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