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Stretch at your desk

Yoga Class

Breathe & Meditate


Yoga Class

corporate yoga flow

Yoga Class

Stretch at your desk

classical Classes 


This class is designed to align and calm your body, mind and spirit. Traditional asanas are held in accurate alignment. Emphasis is placed on Balance, breath, control, core strength, and flexibility.

hatha & Meditation

This class combines the best of two worlds. Enjoy 1 hour of Hatha yoga  (the yoga of Balance) and then go on a journey of guided meditation to cultivate self awareness and self acceptance.


A traditional practice with an established sequence. The Primary Series is a set sequence of postures designed to bring strength, flexibility, and endurance to the body.

candlelit Hatha

A peaceful and serene candle light setting sets the space for slowing down and connecting with your breath through gentle pranayama (breathing exercises), asanas (postures) to relax, release and restore, and guided meditations to calm your mind.  Appropriate for all levels. 

hatha with props

This class is designed to align and calm your body, mind and spirit with the aid of Props. Using props helps address a need for support. They set you up so as to access postures with ease and comfort where otherwise the posture would lead to resistance and tension. It helps make postures safe and adds a therapeutic value to the practice. For all levels from the most flexible and strong practitioners to the least.

ashtanga for beginners

​Instructor will call out poses and lead students through the beginning postures of the Ashtanga system. Students will learn proper alignment and modifications for poses and correct breathing techniques. Suitable for students who have some basic yoga experience but are new to Ashtanga

meditation & breathing

​This class helps you deal with physical, mental, and emotional tension of your daily life through effective breath and meditation exercises. To release the stress in the body , the class starts with some stretching exercises. It moves on to working with the breath and a variety of styles of meditation to help calm and restore the body and mind and enhance our capacity to be healthy, aware and fully present.

yoga for beginners

If you are new to yoga or you have been practicing but want to refine your alignment this class is for you. It focuses on the fundamental yoga poses (asana), breathing (pranayama) and an exploration of the principles of yoga.

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