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This Summer, given world events and a myriad of uncertainties ahead, our Because it Matter Community Series focuses on our children.  How can we prepare them for an uncertain world? 


This special series looks to our role as early childhood parents and caregivers, in the knowledge that the period from birth to 6 years lays the foundations, and therefore the outcomes for our children’s futures.

We will look at the types of experiences that most benefit our children’s natural development; from the way that we prepare homes, to interacting with nature, to offering limitless free play.  We also challenge traditional educational models that focus on results and offer alternative solutions.

Each film will be followed by a discussion led by Charlotte Awdry, Founder of  Enriching Environments, Montessori Educator and Narrator. Visit her website - follow her on Instagram and Facebook @enrichingenvironments


The films shown will be as follows:


17 July 2020

Brain Matters - (2020) 

This is a powerful documentary that demonstrates the power of the baby brain while giving us clear and doable actions that can help all children thrive. It leaves us with an understanding of the deeply meaningful imperative of investing in the earliest years for children.

31 July 2020

Edison's Day - (2015)

A short documentary about a 20 month old boy called Edison who has his home prepared in a Montessori way, giving him autonomy and allowing him to be a contributing member of home life. The documentary leaves us with an extraordinary understanding of how capable young children really can be when they are given the opportunity.


14 August 2020

Childhood (Barndom) - (2017)

This screening offers a close encounter with the importance of play and fantasy in childhood, and how playing is vital for the well-being of children. Childhood tells a crucial story about children’s needs, in a time when playing is increasingly marginalised.  This is an observational documentary that follows the children in Aurora Kindergarten aged 1 to 7 years throughout a year. A quiet and life-affirming film, it is deeply provocative because it draws up a whole different perspective on what children truly need than what is the current norm.

28 August 2020

Inside Montessori (2019)

A fascinating documentary that reframes the educational method conversation toward creating learning environments that allow children to achieve their full potential.

The proven, developmental and child-centered practices of Montessori education can support ALL children, regardless of background and learning style, in having the opportunities to flourish in learning and in life.

We look forward to seeing you there!

All parents and caregivers welcome. This session will be a reflective one so in order to maximise the benefits for all participants we request that this is adults only. (Babes in arms are of course welcome).


Join us  for this adventure into parenting; we look forward to seeing you there! Enjoy complimentary tea and snacks.


Please book yourself directly in online as spaces are limited.

Time: 17th July 2020, 7:30pm - 9:30pm 

Venue: The Greens Studio, Emaar Business Park

Joining Fee: AED 38 

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