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Yoga Class

Breathe & Meditate


Yoga Class

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Yoga Class


breathe & Meditate

Yoga Classes


Duration: 60- minutes. Being in a state of meditation means being present with what is. Breathing whilst listening to your breath, helps focus the mind and brings you in to the present moment. For an office environment this means a reduction of employee stress, anxiety and depression, whilst providing increased energy levels, an improved memory, better focus and concentration, and an increase in productivity. These classes include gentle stretches which can be done on a chair with breathing exercises. The session will also provide an introduction to mindfulness in daily life , and several techniques for reducing stress levels. We introduce some simple exercises that have an immediate effect on the body and that can be easily remembered for daily use afterwards.


These classes are held at the workplace at the desks of the employees, a boardroom, or at Yoga House.