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bhuphinder dhand


About the Instructor

Yoga came to her life 9 years ago and it was at this point  that she instantly felt the benefits of the postures. 

Being able to form the body into beautiful asanas that requires patience, dedication and concentration continues to inspire her. Having spent time in various yoga schools in India, Thailand and Bali she have continued to dig deeper into the impact that yoga is having on her personal growth and the spiritual possibilities.


Having also come from a teaching background in Psychology and Health, she have always enjoyed inspiring, encouraging and helping students focus their energy to achieve positive outcomes that can help make a real difference in their lives. Yoga continues to transform her and help her gain inner peace, joy and fulfilment . In class, she enjoy creating a positive atmosphere by inspiring and encouraging students to

work with their mind , body and breath teaching various styles of yoga including : Hatha , Vinyasa, Rocket and Yin and Restorative Yoga. 


  • Yin Stretch

  • Vinyasa Flow

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