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aqua Pilates



Change-up your Pilates routine by taking it to the pool!


Time to look for an exercise that will coddle you poor joints and muscles. Enter Aqua Pilates. This kind of workout relies on the resistance, buoyancy and gentle movement of water to increase flexibility, balance and strength. Add the element of water for a greater challenge to stability. It is a great alternative for those who have limitations in the Pilates mat workout, which is gravity based (body weight)


Nearly anyone can do Aqua Pilates. The exercise is appropriate for post-rehab patients, pregnant women, the overweight and those with chronic illnesses or injuries. It also increases strength for people suffering from joint stress, limited mobility or muscle fatigue. 

The spine and joints are unloaded in the water, making movements non-compressive.

All exercises are core-centric and strengthen muscles of the spine, pelvis, hips and abdominals, also known as the “powerhouse”.




Intercontinental Dubai Marina Studio: 

  • Tuesday at 19:00

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